Environment & health, Safety

Kaishar Interiors Pvt. Ltd. has a strong commitment towards Environment, Health and Safety. Our Company’s EHS policy is ‘Safety first and till the last.’ Our goal is to ensure: no accidents, no harm to the personnel’s health and no damages to the environment. In order to achieve these goals we deploy a Safety Engineer (EHS Manager/ Site Safety Officer) at each site whose duty is to make arrangements for safety as per EHS guidelines, and to monitor that the safety regulations are being closely adhered to by one and all. Our personnel are competent, licensed and accredited, where required, for the work they have been allocated. All our machinery and equipment are well maintained. We are committed to the goals of safeguarding our personnel and not causing damages to the environment during the conduct of our business. Further, we are constantly working to improve in line with these goals. We are proud to state that we have had a 100% Safety Record. There has been no incident of accidents over the last 98 years that we have been in the field of execution of contracts.