About Kaishar

Kaishar Interiors Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading Interior Contracting and Turnkey Projects Solutions Company. Kaishar was founded in 1989 and is a part of the Pandya Group, established in 1913. Kaishar not only prides itself in its ability of converting the Architect’s or Interior Designer’s vision into reality, but in doing so, we adhere to the highest standards of quality, state-of-art methodology and professionalism.Our “Great On-Time Project Completion” record and Repeat Clientele are testimony of our commitment towards any project that we undertake.


  • We, at Kaishar have built a sound infrastructure over the years to be able to support projects of large scales and complex natures.
  • We have a self owned OFFICE of Ground + 3 Floors in the commercial heart of the city. This office is fully equipped, and houses the Tendering, Purchase, Accounts and Billing, Administrative and HR Departments of our Company.
  • A State-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Sativali Village, Vasai, Thane, with all modern machineries such as Hot Press, Beam Saws, Circular Panel Saws, Molding Machines, Post Forming Static Machines, Thru Fit Machines, Edge Bonding Machines, Drilling Machines (Bid & Pedestal), Compressor for Air Pressure, Packing Machines.
  • Further, Kaishar owns such MACHINERY for deployment, to meet all requirements for onsite execution of work; such as Scaffolding Material, Steel Shuttering, Props, Tile Cutting, Polishing Machines, Grinding Machines, Drill Machines, Pipe Threading, Bending & Welding Machines, Compressor Hoist, Planning and Binding Machines.


Kaishar constantly endeavours to add value to our clients, with every project. We have a strong disbelief towards looking at our past successes, there by disallowing a sense of satisfaction to creep into our company fabric; and this is only because we have our eyes firmly planted on the future. We have made a deep commitment towards achieving excellence with every project we undertake, and introspection after every project has been completed. This commitment helps us to better our performance with every project, to stay in step with and incorporate into our practice the changing world technologies, and to constantly streamline our project execution processes. Our goal is to deliver, deliver well, and deliver on time. What does this mean for you? This means that your project is not yours alone, but we make it ours too – We take ownership and responsibility of it! With every project, we aspire to not remain mere vendors but in fact become a key asset to any project team.


    • Prakash Pandya(CHAIRMAN)
    • Manoj Pandya(MANAGING DIRECTOR)
    • Each having over 4 decades of work experience
    • 60% Women Employees
    • As a part of corporate social responsibility, Kaishar employs a mentally challenged employee as part of our administrative staff.
    • Average 15-20 Years of Work Experience
    • For every project undertaken, skilled and unskilled laborers are outsourced as per requirement through labor contractors who have been working with the company since its inception.


  • Kaishar has been in the field of Interior Contracting and Turnkey Solutions Projects since 1989.
  • Kaishar has carried out over 40 Million Square Feet of Work in over 850 projects that it has executed.
  • Kaishar’s body of work, spans 30 cities across India.
  • Kaishar has executed work in varioud different sectors such as: Finance, Banking, IT, Insurance, BPOs, Hospitality, Retail and Education
  • Great Project On- Time Completion ratio./span>
  • Kaishar has constantly been repeated by Architects, PMCs and Clients. Repeat Clientele is testimony to its ability to carry out projects successfully./span>